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Jurnal Perbankan Syariah Indonesia (JPSI) | e-ISSN: 2963-9050 is a peer-reviewed journal published twice a year on March and September by Sharia Banking Study Program, STEI Al-Amar, Subang, West Java, Indonesia. Jurnal Perbankan Syariah Indonesia (JPSI) is published to support the development of Islamic Banking which will contain articles on Islamic Banking both empirical, theoretical and practical studies. The editor accepts the manuscript with provisions according to the guidelines for the author.

Jurnal Perbankan Syariah Indonesia (JPSI) warmly welcomes contributions from students, graduate students, academicians, and practicioners to communicate original research and current issues in relation to improvement of Islamic Banking, among them are: Islamic Banking, Islamic Bank Information System, Islamic Bank Audit, Islamic Bank Management, Islamic Banking Risk Management, Islamic Banking Marketing Management, Islamic Bank Liquidity Management, Ethics of Islamic Banking, Accounting for Islamic Bank, Legal drafting of Islamic Bank, Analysis of Islamic Bank Financial Reports, Others

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Vol. 3 No. 1 (2024): Maret
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